Kemble MUSIC Camp - SUMMER 2018 Session

At Kemble's Free Summer Music Camp, we strive to nurture student musicianship, build confidence, and encourage artistic expression through developmentally appropriate vocal instruction. This community choir experience allows students to develop musically as individuals while contributing to the joy and artistry of singing together with their peers as an ensemble.

Monday to Friday, August 6th - 10th  (9:00am to 12:00 noon each day)

Three Age Groups:  7-9,  10-12,  13-15

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Register Your Child

Parent/Guardians:  You must register your child, ages 7 - 15, to participate in the Winter Session.  More than one child?  Simply complete a separate registration for each child.


Practice Your Music!

Here is where you'll find the music and words you'll be rehearsing all week, and presenting on Friday at a concert for your family and friends.    Listen before you come, so you'll be familiar with the music, and ready to sing!

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Our Team

Led by Mr. Brett Pardue, this camp boasts faculty from Rowan University, Lehigh University, and the Woodbury Public Schools.