Kemble Music Camp 2019 SUMMER Session - Instructors


Sarah England Baab - Director

Sarah England Baab is a Ph.D. candidate in historical musicology at the University of Maryland College Park, where she specializes in American Music. She also holds a master's degree in musicology and a bachelor's degree in vocal performance and piano from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. For the past seven years, she has enjoyed working with students of all ages, teaching private piano and voice lessons as well as courses in music at Rowan University and the University of Delaware. She is ecsatatic to join the Kemble family and is truly excited to work with all of your kids this summer!!

Katie Bove.jpeg

Katie Bove - Instructor

Katie Bove is a Senior Music Education major at Rowan University studying voice as her main instrument. She dreams of one day being a music teacher and having her own band and choir. This summer, she had the pleasure of studying classical opera performance while living in Verona, Italy. She has been a member of various musical ensembles throughout her life but her favorite thus far is Rowan University’s Concert Choir where she is a section leader of the alto 1’s. Katie one day hopes to make a difference in the lives of her future students and inspire them to change the world.


Jason Puskar.jpg

Jason Puskar - Instructor

Jason Puskar is so excited to be working with Kemble for the first time in his young music teaching career! He is a Music Education student at Montclair State University and is one semester away from graduating with his K-12 certification with a concentration in voice. He is a native of Woodbury and grew up through the music circuit of the Woodbury public school system. He worked for the district as a substitute teacher and as a voice and piano teacher, as well as bass section leader for the MSU Singers and St. Cassian Church in Montclair. He will be bringing his charisma and boundless energy and unique teaching style to the classroom and the rehearsal area and cant wait for you to rock on with us!

Peggy Harding - Instructor

Peggy has taught Cardio Drumming exercise classes for many years. Cardio Drumming is a lively, fun, and energetic activity. This class will help students increase their range of motion, raise their heart rate, and give a full body workout. Cardio Drumming is for all ages. Peggy will offer a routine for each song. Students will follow her instructions during the musical and workout sessions.